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Beer for Real Men
7,2 vol. % alc. For the heroic explorer, the glorious hero that can handle an impressive bitterness, who takes a leep into the unknown and is not afraid of the unexpected, who makes the ultimate sacrifice to show others the only way to an honorable ideal. A golden cloud of vanilla blossom and fruity aromas, a flashy touch of peach and banana, then an unexpected turn of sour seasoning in the first raid, and an echoing explosion of hops just before the next one. Dobbel-Tripel
7,8 vol. % alc. For the brave who dare to handle the heavy artillery, who provide a steady cover that can withstand an unexpected attack, and for those who shall always be the last man standing after the battle has long gone. A ruby bloody red color, sour cabbage wefts, a misty thick layer of foam, aromas of red wine and dark fruit, a set of cognac barrels, licorice and a hint of oak, burning malt with caramel.
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1940 -1945 WW II - Front in the East
At the eastern border of Belgium, in the green province of Limburg, lies the county of Riemst where began on May 10, 1940 WWII for Belgium. It was here at this eastern border in 2014 that, In honor of "100 Year Great War", an artisan organic beer with Allied ingredients was born with the proud name Oudstrijder (Eng. = veteran). There the beer will be mounted. A beer that unites exactly one century later, East and West, and that pays tribute to the heroes who gave their lives for our freedom of today. 1914 -1918 WW I - Front in the West
Oudstrijder is brewed in Ichtegem near the Front at the Yser of WWI, at the North Sea in the west of Belgium, according to a pure and unique antebellum recipe. After a six week brew, the beer bridges the country and will age in the eastern subterranean vaults of the bridge at Vroenhoven, right under the historic bunker. Here it will remain at least another month to mature in peace, just steps from the colossal fortress of Eben-Emael. Two Wars
 Two Fronts
Brewery Strubbe Originated in 1831, the year of the Belgian Independence
In the west of Belgium, near the Yser Front of WWI, the peaceful Ichtegem lies. In the shadow of the 17th century St Michael's Church is we find the traditional brewery Strubbe, the Virgin of Ghent as she was formerly called. The brewery was founded in 1831 when a certain Carolus Strubbe left the market town of Tielt to try his luck in flax municipality Ichtegem. He was a farmer and brewer. Since its establishment the brewing family has counted six generations, from father to son. Today master brewer Marc Strubbe as the sixth generation is at the helm. Pure and Organically Brewed with ingredients from the Netherlands, Belgium and France
The brewing process is done purely and without additives with the only ingredients being natural spring water, Belgian organic hops from Poperingen, organic barley from the Netherlands and France, natural yeast and as apotheosis Fairtrade cane sugar for the secondary fermentation. They are carefully selected and certified with European labels so that the pre-war flavor is fully guaranteed authentic without modern influences.
Bridge of Vroenhoven
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Unique Lager under a Historical Monument
In the darkness of the underground vaults beneath the historic bunker, Oudstrijder will mature at least six weeks at a natural constant temperature. At the Bridge of Vroenhoven began on May 10, 1940 for Belgium W.W.II. She was captured intact by the Germans in their invasion and played a crucial role in the passage of German troops through Belgium to Paris. The nearby Fort Eben-Emael was attacked the same day and the day afterwards conquered. Modern museums and brasserie with panoramic balcony, amphitheater and ballroom
Meanwhile, the old bridge has been replaced by a new bridge with museums where the original bunker preserved. She demonstrates two fascinating stories: the conquest of the former bridge by German paratroopers on 10, 11 and May 12, 1940 and the fascinating world of inland navigation. Enjoy afterwards a fresh Oudstrijder and a local regional dish based Oudstrijder Dobbel-Tripel in the brasserie which offers a fantastic view over the Albert Canal. In addition, numerous events are organized in the open air amphitheater and the large ballroom.
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